Monday, April 12, 2010

Know What You're Eating!

I have really tried to be good about tracking what I eat. Lately, I've really tried to be religious with it. At this point, I actually enjoy it. There's something about it - it's like doing a word search. I enjoy it even more when I have to calculate the nutritional information for recipes I make. (I'm being completely serious, by the way.)

If you're trying to be conscious about your diet and how much you're consuming then I recommend getting a scale - preferably a digital scale that will measure ounces & grams! It may seem annoying and tedious at first, but I don't know what I'd do without mine!

I weigh just about all of my food - even my fruit! And I'm on Calorie King, every day! It's not tedious, it's not time consuming, and it's not annoying! It's fun and really worth knowing what I'm eating.

According to John Tesh, it's an eating disorder if you "obsess" over your diet. I disagree. You should be totally obsessed with your diet and what you put into your body. You should be equally obsessed over what your body puts out, in terms of physical fitness.

I make it a point to be mindful of my caloric intake, output, and what I'm actually eating. Yes, a calorie is a calorie - but wouldn't you prefer a healthy source as opposed to one that doesn't benefit your body in any way?

I do weigh what I’m cooking and I write it down. I estimated the nutritional values for the salads I posted in my previous blog. I will over-estimate to ensure that I don’t go over my daily totals; I’m confident that my totals are either really close or on point to actual values.

To calculate the totals, I obtain the nutrition information for all of the ingredients, add these all together and then figure the totals per ounce. Example:

This doesn’t take much time at all and is very handy when I’m portioning out my lunch and dinner. This enables me to stay on track and within my goals. On the days I’m feeling really lazy, I remind myself why I need to continue doing this – my health is important. If I’m not helping myself, then I’m hurting myself and at the end of the day, I’m the only one capable of taking care of me!

Oh, and then I have this to remind me about the direction I want to continue moving in ...



  1. OMG. Your blog got a makeover! And i have never seen that photo of you before! Whoo hoo!!! :) I love and admire you so much Bravo!

  2. ur so super duper awesome! that is just an amazing transformation. I am so very proud - ur full of greatness! xoxo

  3. You inspire me so much Yvie! I love you. Thank you for posting this.... it was something I really needed right now.

  4. Thanks, Brandice! You're very welcome!!! I <3 You!!!

    I also <3 you Isabel & Jimmsticles!

  5. You are amazing. Keep up the good work, because like you said it is your health that matters the most, without it you really do not have anything. I am so very proud of you, you are so amazing, I love u. Mom

  6. I feel like u always looked like that, but when I see the pictures side by side, I'm amazed. Te vez preciosa! So Gorgeous!

  7. That was me Kandi. Besos!